East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Javier Munoz

Javier Munoz, a 17 year old attending East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy, whose goal is to one day be a successful businessman and be able to show his family he made it. Munoz really emphasizes the idea of being able to one day buy his parents a house to thank them for what they’ve done. Javier, whose family originates from Zacatecas but was born in Los Angeles, believes he has a lot to thank his parents, Angelica and Rodrigo, for the hard work they’ve done for him to be where he stands today. Today, he finds himself in school taking 3 AP classes finding a way to excel in academics and playing baseball, baseball is one of most beloved passions. Influenced by his father Rodrigo to play at a young age, Javier was able to find a love for the diamond. For his high school baseball team, the Toros, he has played on the varsity team his 4 years and has always strived to be a better player than he was yesterday. Being a student- athlete, he recognizes that school comes before the game at all times, his mother has always told him, “If you don’t study you won’t get anywhere” and that remains something he certainly considers and stands by. Javier’s goal is to one day go to a 4 year university and study marketing as he feels that marketing is one of the most remarkable things for someone to learn.