Garfield Senior High School

Kevin Hernandez

My name is Kevin Hernandez. I am a senior at Garfield High School that enjoys learning. Despite growing up on the streets of Los Angeles, I have managed to excel academically. I have many opinions on certain topics, and I am glad to be given a platform to voice them. I enjoy debates and arguments that stir conversation. But despite this, I have still been going around school, club to club, trying to find my passion. Following my participation in Academic Decathlon, I have become more aware of information and its value. I am a very competitive student that works to do the best I can, so combining my competitive desires and love for learning was a perfect fit. It is through this connection and experience in Academic Decathlon that I have become passionate about business and the field of mathematics. In the near future, I hope to major in something similar. As I continue to grow, I hope to learn and work as much as I can to give back to the place I call home.