East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy


Magin Andre Rivas Rivera, is known for being a social, enthusiastic and optimistic attitude. Magin Is a great person to be around, some of his many characteristics are helpful, cheerful, and considerate. He tries his best to lend a hand whenever someone needs something, he tries to put a smile on everyone’s face, and think about the situation of others. So far in his life he accomplished culminating 8th grade. Playing youth baseball for Salazar Park, accomplishing perfect attendance for 3 years in a row, scoring high on the PSAT, managing to be a straight a student, meanwhile being a helpful son at home. Magin Andre is currently attending East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy, located inside Esteban E. Torres High School. At E.L.A.R.A. we focus our students to be urban planners and designers. Working alongside with USC Price on the betterment of our communities. At the moment he is working with High School Insider to tell the tales of East L.A. He has many goals set in his mind and some of them are becoming a part time teacher or a Full time doctor. One of the most important goals he has set in his mind is finding a way to give back to his community, he wants to help back the community he has lived in for so long. Magin Andre Rivas Rivera is a brave, strong, and outgoing person. He wants to be the first in his family to graduate high school, and the first in his family to reach his goals of going to University and becoming someone in life that will be able to make a difference in someone’s life, Magin Andre Rivas Rivera wants to be the change he wants to be in the world.