East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy


Marlene Perez is a current senior at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy, one of the five schools at Esteban Torres high school. She struggled from the beginning of her high school career but overcame this struggle by focusing on what she needed to do in school and within herself. Marlene is the 3rd child in her household who will finish high school. This is the toughest year for her. She has lost one of the most important persons in her life. Her father, without him she feels she is missing that little push to accomplish her goals. But thanks to the support and love of her family, her mother, brother and 3 sisters she will finish what she started. Marlene is into sports, she has joined the softball team at her school. She also loves helping people, she has a big heart and is here to help people that want the help. She has helped people by giving them advice. When she see’s people in need out in the street, she is by their side within seconds. Marlene likes to volunteer her time for any kind of cause. She has joined walks for suicide awareness, walks for cancer, and walks for kids with a variety of health issues. Any chance Marlene gets to help out she will take it. She will be applying to Long Beach City College and Rio Hondo College. After her graduation Marlene will be looking forward to attending college and pursing her career as a registered nurse. She wants to be part of the world where she knows she is doing good for people who are in need and her community. Marlene is full of excitement to see what comes her way in the future.