East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy


His name is Miguel Villanueva and is 15 years old. Born on July 30 2001. Lives in East LA for most of his life. He grew up by South Central. Family of five and the youngest. Has two siblings and two parents. Attending East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy as a Sophomore. He is not the smartest one but can be at sometimes. On his free time which is all the time, he loves to play video games. His goals is to be able to buy his dream car which is the Nissan GTR. Another one of his goals is to be able to become a lives streamer on Twitch TV, and to be able to support his parents. The rest is a mystery even to him. He plans to achieve these goals by putting hard work and dedication to graduate High School, then try to get in to a good college. For now he focuses on the present rather than the future.