Garfield Senior High School

Ivan Hernandez

My name is Ivan Hernandez, and I am a junior at James A. Garfield High School. Most people from my area in East Los Angeles come from a Mexican or Latino background and often focus their views primarily from their personal perspectives regarding immigration and being in favor of it. The common theme with most is always “We are oppressed and demand to be known”. However, I seek to have a firm grasp on both sides of the debate instead of immediately looking at the opposition as “the racist majority”. I like to consider all factors on a topic before making my own decisions. Should we continue to aid immigration? Should we have universal healthcare? Should college be free? Most people from a minority background would be more than eager to say “yes” to all of these questions, but there is always more than meets the eye. I like to dig deep into these other pointS of view, and often find myself changing my mind on topics where my immediate answer would have been “Yes!” initIally. With my writings, I hope to aid in opening the eyes of others to “the whole story” rather than simply “our story”.