East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy


Luis Olague is currently a senior from East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy one of the five high schools at the Torres campus. Luis enjoys being involved in community work but most of all helping people in East LA, because he comes from an immigrant family and has the advantage to be bilingual. Also he is very passionate about sports and his community, which is why he has mentored and coached a young basketball team at City Terrace, influencing kids to stay out of trouble because it’s easy to fall in the wrong path. Luis is a multi-sport athlete who plays basketball and volleyball for his high school team, he enjoys following in his father’s footsteps and his accomplishments, like being involved in community work as a head coach and helping many kids. Throughout the summer Luis is a student mentor, who takes his time and mentors incoming freshmen, by writing them letters, and at one point giving them school tours and speaking to the rising freshmen who are attending ELARA. Apart from all this work he is a member of his schools ASB Leadership program where he helps create fun ideas and host exciting events to increase school spirit. Luis really enjoys being a leader, and is currently the boys Varsity basketball captain where he demonstrates many leadership qualities in different ways, as a player, and by encouraging his teammates to become better student athletes. He really plans on succeeding and following his brother’s footsteps who has a master’s degree and who was the 1st in the family to attend college. Luis hopes to make his parents proud because all they earned was a high school diploma. In the future, Luis plans to major in criminal justice and help to give back to his community.