East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy

Pedro Perez

Pedro Perez, is a senior attending high school at East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy on the Torres campus. Pedro has been incredibly active in school activities and clubs. Because he has a passion on saving others’ lives, Pedro helps host annual blood drives on campus, for the past two years. In his junior year he was inspired to join his first club, “The Inner Beauty Club”. On the very first day he was elected vice president, setting an example for others and soon after was declared president. On joining this club he has done his very best to encourage others to accept themselves as they are. Pedro’s message was always “Beauty comes within”, inspiring and influencing others to become better people and be accepting of others. During his junior year he also joined the “Garden Club” out of his deep passion for mother earth. Which down the road, established his very own garden and discovered that he actually had a “green thumb”. Weekly he would go harvest, plant, water and care for the school’s garden. But his passion did not stop there as of fall 2016, he joined the “Yearbook Club” and helped design, construct and balance the school’s yearbook for 2015-2016. Pedro was accepted into the ASB Leadership club during the school year of 2015-2016 and took part of the public relations committee where he used his creativity skills to decorate, brighten and create a positive environment around the school halls. In august 2016 Pedro was accepted his 2nd year in leadership as committee lead in public relations. Pedro now leads the committee and loves decorating and spiriting the halls at school. Pedro’s dream is to go to art school and study interior design, he has always been passionate about decorating and planning, but also has a interest in politics. After establishing himself as a interior designer he plans on using his interest in politics. Switching careers after about 13 years and become a politician. Pedro has always fought for what is right and continues to fight for equality, freedom and rights. Pedro believes all people no matter the race, gender or sexuality should be treated equal. His goal is to fight for everyone in this country. His inspiration in life was Hillary Clinton and he admires, cherish, and honors her with all his love. Because of his inspiration he wants to follow in her foot steps and become a US senator.