LA River School

Robert Garate

Robert Garate is a senior, student athlete at Sonia Sotomayor High School Academies, currently attending Los Angeles River High School. Robert is the defending track and field Northern League 100m and 200m 2016 Champion. Robert is a very ambitious person, thrives to excel in school, sports, and as a human being. He lives in quiet Atwater Village, next door to infamous Frogtown. He is a very adventurous person who loves to travel. He plans on going to a college that isn't in near home because home is just too crowded and has very little privacy. Getting a doctoral degree is his mission after high school. He wants to explore his Mexican-American roots and learn the cultures, lives, and beliefs of other races. He writes poems about baseball, track, and his life experiences. He listens to music while writing down his thoughts because to him music is like a time machine: it brings back memories.