LA River School

Joseph Tayon Trerotola

Seventeen year old, Joseph Tayon T. goes to high school at Los Angeles River School. Joseph wants to go to USC after high school and work for NASA JPL. His favorite subjects are math and science, but specifically would be astrophysics and quantum mechanics. He studies these subjects on his own time not because he has to but because he wants to. Joseph also is an artist and mostly draws landscapes or skylines in his free time. He is bilingual (English and French) and enjoys learning new languages. He also one day plans to learn many other languages and travel the world. His dream is to know the universe around him.Working for JPL is his first major goal. He may even travel to Europe to see or even work at the LHC Super Collider built by CERN. But that is just an idea. Right now, staying in Los Angeles is the best for him. JPL is close to home and he does not need to move far away to start his dreams.