"Stardew Valley" is a simulation role-playing video game that allows players to create the farm of their dream. (ConcernedApe)

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Review: Stressed? Take a break in ‘Stardew Valley’

"Stardew Valley" is a relaxing simulation game that allows you to create your own farm, learn how to live off the land and befriend the local community.
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Bianca Yen

February 11, 2022
Relaxing is important for busy students and can be better for your mental health, especially in the pandemic situation we are in. One game that I started playing a few months ago is “Stardew Valley”, a game that is really relaxing.  

“Stardew Valley,” a game developed by ConcernedApe, is a simulation role-playing game that allows you to create your own farm, learn how to live off the land, befriend the local community, meet someone special and explore caves. It can be played on almost any gaming platform, such as Xbox, PS4, mobile and PC. This game is more suitable for single players, but you can also play it with friends. 

In the beginning, you work at an office job but get bored of that life, and you inherit your grandfather’s old farm plot. After noticing how bored of the office job you are, you move to your grandfather’s old farm. You are then able to do anything on your farm at your own pace.

In this game, there is one ultimate goal that everyone tries to reach, which is the Perfection goal. By finishing this goal, you have essentially “finished” the playthrough, but obviously you can still do many things after reaching perfection. Perfection is when a player has completed 100% of the endgame content. The Perfection goal is not easy to achieve, but many people find it really satisfying once they have achieved it. However, there are also many other goals people can set during their playthroughs.

Many people have also created different mods, or alterations of the game, for “Stardew Valley.” These mods can be found on a legit website called Nexus Mods. With mods, there are more ways to play “Stardew Valley” as some of these mods include more areas to explore. There are also mods that can make it more convenient to help you be aware of what’s going on on your farm without feeling like you are cheating. 

Personally, I enjoy this game a lot because it is relaxing as I get to plant crops and tend my farm animals. Not only is it relaxing, but it also allows you to be creative by creating as many farms as you want and changing your play style in the different farms. I also enjoy the fact that there are not a lot of monsters. One goal that I have is to earn the maximum money I can earn in the game. Another goal is to reach Perfection as I have not reached it yet. 

Overall, I would recommend this game because it is the perfect game for anyone that wants to relax and escape reality for a bit.

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