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Why it’s important to prevent cyberbullying

Young people have suffered drastically from some type of cyberbullying. Cyberbullying victims are more likely to have low self-esteem, depression, and consider suicide.

Many young girls are forced to believe society will not accept them unless their figure is identical to a model, changing their mentality to do unfortunate things toward their natural bodies. Thousands of young females are feeling insecure because they don’t have the body of a model. These same girls get harassed through social media into changing their mindset and figure to act, feel, and resemble the perfect picture that society has placed for women. These same girls post half-naked photos of themselves to feed the insecurity, to feel noticed, to be accepted into society, to receive complements, and to simply feel good about themselves. However, that is not okay.

Social media has made it hard for many young people to accept themselves for who they are, and as result it forces many of them to change themselves mentally and physically to be accepted to this society social media has created.

Cyberbullying can affect anyone and cost someone their life. It is extremely important to work to delete cyberbullying because hundreds of lives can be saved.

You would not want to be bullied, so why do it to someone else?