(Image courtesy of Sriya Datla)
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Podcast: Youth in STEM — Episode 1

Tune in to the first episode of Youth in STEM, Los Angeles Times HS Insider’s first-ever podcast geared towards empowering the youth and high schoolers in the STEM field! From advocating and finding nonprofit organizations to innovating, the youth has been prominent in the STEM field.

In this podcast series, Sriya Datla will have a conversation with the youth in the STEM field and how they connect with the world through Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. This podcast series hopes to inspire others to explore the fascinating world of STEM.

Join Sriya in this first episode, as she talks with Maansi Nema, a nonprofit founder and STEM Advocate. From discussing the nonprofit, STEM Without Boundaries to finding the inspiration behind an encounter in STEM, this first episode will be a blast!

Check out Episode 1 of Youth in STEM through LA Times HS Insider’s SoundCloud!