Tibetan monks practice their throat singing. (Photo courtesy of abc.au.net)
La Cañada High School

Opinion: Why I like Tibetan throat singing

The first time I heard Tibetan throat singing, I was completely blown away. According to Britannica, Tibetan throat singing is a particular style of throat singing that usually involves chanting and takes place during certain rituals. Some, but not all, of its practitioners include Tibetan Buddhist monks.

Tibetan throat singing immediately stood out to me because of how incredibly powerful it sounds. When combined with chanting, its sound reaches a whole new level which, in my opinion, makes it even more intriguing.

When I started practicing Mongolian throat singing, I thought that it took a noticeable amount of energy, but I personally find Tibetan throat singing to be more demanding and strenuous than Mongolian throat singing.

Tibetan throat singing chants are especially challenging because it has been difficult for me to throat sing and chant simultaneously. Throat singing by itself already takes energy, effort, and lots of practice, especially when you are first starting out. When a chant of any kind is added to throat singing, its difficulty is multiplied tenfold. Of course, Tibetan throat singing can be learned.

I believe that any kind of throat singing can be learned with enough dedication and motivation. Mimicking has always been easy for me, but I have still spent hours and hours practicing my throat singing. Whenever I practice, I always try to improve and become better than the last time I throat sang. This concept should be applied to anything you are trying to get better at or achieve.

Whenever you pick up any form of throat singing, I will always recommend listening to the throat singing style first, and then attempting to carefully and slowly mimic what you hear. This can be easier said than done, but please continue doing your best and take small steps towards becoming a throat singing master.

Tibetan throat singing is one of my favorite forms of throat singing for a reason — it is guttural, yet surprisingly calming at the same time. I hope that when you decide to listen to it, you will enjoy Tibetan throat singing as much as I do.