LA River School

Dirty beaches

Do you enjoy going to beaches that are all sullied and grotesque?

Trashed beaches make the city look bad and attract fewer tourists. The dirtiest beaches I have seen are L.A city beaches such as Santa Monica, Dockweiler, Marina Del Rey, Manhattan and Redondo beach. I have been to three of those beaches, and every time I go, they look the same: trash in the sand, garbage in the water, and very brown-colored water.

I personally do not like going to dirty beaches because they smell weird and disgust me. It makes me not want to go in the water. You always hear or see things on the news or the Internet about how they are going to try to clean up beaches or stop dumping in the oceans, but they only clean very little and not very often.

On Sept. 24, medical waste and oil spills have appeared on several beaches such as Dockweiler State Beach and Santa Monica. They had to close off the affected areas to the public. The affected beaches were closed off for several days even after the waste had been cleaned up because the water was still too unsanitary for people to swim in. I find that really disturbing. How does so much medical waste randomly appear on the coast? That is disgusting. I would never go back to that beach because who knows what other things are dumped in around that area. I do not understand why the government is STILL adding oil rigs in our ocean.

California has had several oil spill disasters happen just this year, and still adding. Santa Monica’s beach bacteria levels are really high, and is known to cause sickness and skin rashes. It has a sewer drainage which is probably the reason for it’s high bacteria level. Do you know what the process is for sewer filtration before it enters the ocean? It is not much cleaning, which is really gross. Sure they filter the water and clean it a bit, but only to make sure that there is not anything toxic in there. Wouldn’t you think they cleaned it more since all that junk is going into our oceans? I think that residents who live near or on the beach are the most bothered by its uncleanliness.

A few ways for residents to get more involved with healing the beaches would be doing their own voluntary work, organize local cleaning programs, and making petitions. The ones who live on the beach can go clean up beyond their property in their spare time. and encourage household members and neighbors to do the same. Communities can come up with schedules for anyone who wants to help contribute and clean up with groups so it can be more effective. People can put up signs about how trash can affect the animals in the ocean, so everyone can do a better job of cleaning up after themselves and be more conscious about it.

Another thing that can be used more is biodegradable items. Biodegradable items should be considered more often because most of the trash that is just floating around in the ocean does not go anywhere or disappear, it stays forever. Biodegradable items will dissolve over time and won’t kill as many animals.

Numerous amounts of animals are affected and killed everyday mainly by plastic materials. Plastic straws, forks, bags, bottles, etc. These items can wrap animals, choke, and trap them. Many animals are dying and some are even becoming extinct from all the junk that is in their homes.