Garfield Senior High School


Samantha Holds the taste Of her mom’s chocolate milk in the back of her mouth Holds her Own hand when scared Holds her Head higher than the stars Wishing to see more Than just Mars The symphony of sweet sympathy is not one she wishes to hear Rather She whispers into the mirror A human being Stuck feeling As if she Is an alien Not because she she’s an outcast But because sometimes She feels a little Green What an odd color She hesitates To dance To talk To be She struggles To understand How anyone can accept her Her favorite songs Are the ones She dedicates to herself With the mindset of “If you won’t, who will?” She wakes up early every morning However She stays Laid Thnking Of things that don’t matter Thinking Of whether what she eats Is who she is Because then Is when she gets The slightest of hints Of who she is She craves the things She’s never tasted She fears The same thing every one fears She fears That memories will be erased Dreams misplaced Left without a meaning She can’t lose more She can’t lose more Of her already lost head Considerate of advice But not one to take it Dark thoughts Deep thoughts My thoughts Are the ones who Stop Push Me to go Go to the places My curiosity could afford Samantha Is only trying to impress herself